The IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 beta files are downloading to my machine as I type. This is what we used to call 8.5.4 in the Design Partner program, but as everyone now knows it is not Lotus Domino 8.5.4 but IBM Domino (and Notes) 9.0.

Now the NDA has been lifted this is a quick overview (literally 100,000 feet) of what I'm looking forward to.

In no particular order:
  • Domino on Linux now has a 64 bit version. The 32 bit version is still here too.
  • Traveler is now available in the i platform (aka AS400, i5, iSeries).
  • New look UI using OneUI as a basis. (this can be turned off via policy). Also available in iNotes too
  • New ways to to automatically download an ID file to a new users PC (this Shared Login on steroids)
  • IBM Notes Browser Plug-in
  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support
  • Windows Phone 7 and 8 (although I still have yet to see either of these in the wild)
I'm sure there are many more, and once I start using the "official" beta I'll post more.
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1 - Vitor Pereira    12/13/2012 10:53:53 AM

Is it available only to who was in the 8.5.4 managed beta? Or to who signed up for the public beta?

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2 - Darren Duke    12/13/2012 11:26:15 AM

@1, There was an 8.5.4 managed beta? Hummm. Anyway there was a call for organizations to register for the public beta a few weeks ago, which is how most got on it. I'd email Jan Kenny and ask. She should be the one that sent you emails regarding the managed betas.

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3 - Vitor Pereira    12/13/2012 11:57:29 AM

Yes there was. I was on it.

I signed up but did not get any confirmation, just logged in and I have access. Downloading now.