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Quickr Domino 8.2 Fix Pack 8 (FP8) available

Darren Duke  January 27 2010 02:53:59 PM
As usual go get it from IBM Fix Central. It was not yet available for the AS400 as the time of writing.

Fixes included:

After upgrading from older version of QuickPlace to Quickr 8.1 and then to Quickr 8.2, folders that contain a document that is an imported HTML pages may continue showing the Loading… icon when rendering the folder.
Mail not sent to next approver when using a Workflow form from Connectors.
When importing a Word Document containing Word graphic objects (square, line, circle), the graphic objects do not render correctly on the imported page.
Drag and Drop applet fails to upload file if default page is of type Workflow and that Workflow is set to Multiple Editors or Simple Submit's workflow Option has changed.
When deleting an attachment from a virtual folder within connectors, that delete is not replicated to other cluster members.
Forward slash character no longer available as a title or folder name
Grant Access To Everyone screen does not reflect what happens if you select to Allow non-members to access.  
Can not insert a new image in Rich Text Editor if the Index folder's sort order is set.
Cannot edit a Member’s Profile if the member’s DN contains a plus sign (+).
Under certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash using the XSS White List option.
Missing Cancel and Submit button in “New Image” dialog when accessed via WebSeal.
Fix a Quickr Server crash on AIX during “qptool report -policyexecute”.
In Internet Explorer When a place contains a large number of members, going into Member Management and clicking to display 100 or All causing the browser to become unresponsive temporarily.
Rest API updates to support 3rd party applications.
When modifying a document through connectors that was an imported document in Quickr, the document says you need to edit and check-in to re-import the document, but an error appears that doesn’t allow you to complete the import.

This update allows you to refresh the imported document in Quickr web by pressing the Refresh button near the Upload control