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    DAOS Results

    Darren Duke  January 24 2010 08:37:21 PM
    While sat on stage at the Lotusphere 2010 Gurupalooza Q&A session, Rocky Oliver, the MC, asked the audience who was using Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS). Rocky mentioned he thought that the audience response was good. I didn't think it was. Maybe 1/3 or so of the audience put their hands up. Hopefully this will help provide some ammunition for any Domino customers on the fence......

    Since January 2009 the company I work for, STS has carried out a fair number of 8.5 and 8.5.1 upgrades (over 40), including enabling DAOS. You could search the blog for these, or to make it easier, I have listed the ones that were subject to blog entries here......

    66% overall reduction - June 2009
    40% overall reduction (data compression previously enabled) - January 2009
    52% overall reduction - November 2009
    47% overall reduction - March 2009
    77% overall reduction - March 2009
    51% overall reduction - January 2010
    45% reduction on a iSeries with 1MB DAOS limit and SCT - January 2010
    40% reduction on DAOS alone - April 2010
    65% overall reduction
    43% reduction on an AS400 - May 2010

    I hope this helps prove that DAOS is indeed a game changer, both for IBM and for Domino customers. Note, these are just the ones I actually posted about but we have many, many more that fall into the 45% to 75% area with the average being 63-65% overall reduction in storage.
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