December 19 2016 Monday

2016 the annus horribilis review

Firefox started at 43, ended at 50 (they are slowing down....)

Chrome started at 47, ended at 55 (they are speeding up....) know what? F**k IE.

Still using Chrome as my primary browser, although Vivaldi is slowly taking over

Didn't go Connect 16. Won't be at Connect 17. I already know what's going to happen....IBM is going to tell you about all the products that they promise * cognitive* is being added too. Like Verse (2 years ago?) and Toscana. "No, really we are" they will promise. There is a new GM. Can't possibly be worse than the last one.

Speaking of Toscana, it was released. In only a way IBM can release something. Think Verse Basic with all the features taken out. 

Following on from the "release" of new products, IBM decided not to release (as in ever) 9.0.2. Yeah, I know right.....

But Verse On-Prem should see the light of day on December 30th. Yeah, I know right.....

Oh, Hawthorn was released. So there's that.

Still never seen a live (or otherwise) CCM installation. 

Moved up to an iPhone 7 Plus, fingerprint smudge edition. Or as most people call it the shiny black one.

Oh, podcast. Stu and I could resist no longer. We also brought along Jesse Gallagher so IBM can blame someone new.

We also sneaked in one last TWIL. No really, 115 is it. (see above)

Any "Big IT" thinking of splitting itself in two should endeavor to be more like HPE/HP and not at all like the train wreck that is the Symantec/Veritas split. Train. Wreck. 

By year end I should have 50+ nights in hotels. Not the rented by the hour type, but *real* hotels. That number went up, but my time in a car is about 90 minutes less per day. Yes, per day. Ah, life in ATL.

Brexit *and* Trump. Luckily my grandparents were Irish, so I see another passport in my future.

After having voters potentially end the world, I decided not to inflict further damage on my psyche and stayed with Windows 7 Pro. Even a free Windows 10 is too much to take.

Completed 10,000+ steps every day since Nov 30, 2015. So over 365 days now....the streak is still active. 15,000,000 total steps on my various Fitbit devices.

Technologies that made 2016, Let's Encrypt, SONOS, Nest, Roku, 4K TV's

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