Are you running Lotus Notes Standard 8.0.2?
Using Sametime for IM?
Having issues with the "old" Sametime client (the one in R6 and R7) popping up?

We were too. I appears that 8.0.2 now reads the Location document for Sametime configuration data. If Sametime configuration information is in said Location doc (under the Instant Messaging tab) then you get the old, crappy Sametime client. Simply switch the Location NOT to automatically log on to Sametime and then configure the side bar Sametime client for auto login. Voila, the blast for the past is removed!!

You can only make this change via the Contacts/Address Book. Not via the "Edit Current".
Darren Duke   |   September 1 2008 01:56:52 PM   |    8.0.2  lotus notes  sametime    |  
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1 - Roland Reddekop       09/01/2008 6:13:08 PM


Good, that seems to work in my 8.0.2 install. I have some users on basic and others on standard though. I'll have to look closer at the policy settings to see if I can set those fields based on the user's client.

Another issue I have is that my Sametime tries to login even when I start Notes using an Offline location giving me a missing password dialog. Yes, I have auto-login turned on, but I only expect it to try to connect when using an Online location. It works as you'd expect in the basic client and previous releases.

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2 - Darren Duke    09/02/2008 3:53:04 AM

@Roland, I've seen the same issue which I always attributed to Sametime being ported into Notes from the Expiditor/Eclipse version. That seems to hold true, given the Location doc issue above.

I have another few issues issue too:

1) being a Notes developer and admin I have over 50 locations for clients. Sametime (side bar edition) "forgets" the settings for my Sametime server if I switch to another Location.

2) Not being able to add IBM contacts to the sidebar version has force me to start using the full Sametime Connect client. I can add them in there then the appear in the side bar version, but I cannot add them in the sidebar version.