Apparently I know a fair bit about Domino 8.5 and the new features (DAOS, ID Vault, etc). Not surprising as I have probably done at least one 8.5 upgrade each week since January!

The good folks ATLUG have asked me to present about all the new features. If you haven't seen it (or even if you have, there'll be something new for everyone) come along and partake in the presentation and Q & A session. We'll be covering why this is THE most feature rich Domino release ever, and why you need to upgrade. This will include:
  • DAOS
  • ID Vault
  • X-Pages
  • New policy options
  • New client features
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) support
  • Some snippets about 8.5.1

Also presenting on that date will be our good friends from Prominic who can provide you with everything you ever wanted for your Lotus hosting needs (not just Domino, but Quickr, Connections, etc).

As usual ATLUG will be held at the IBM Lakeside/Riverside building in Atlanta, GA on August 20th. It will be from 11am to 2pm and IBM will kindly provide lunch (see, even free lunch, what's not to like about this). If you are interested in attending please email Randy Davison at

Hope to see you there!
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