So it has happened....yours truly is going to be a [non-IBM] Champion.....well for a day ;)

The Atlanta User Group (aka Atlanta Lotus User Group) is to host a pretty unique one-of-a-kind event on April 7th, 2014, that being the "Day of Champions". Each of the 11 "champions" gets a TED like 18 minutes or so to entertain, bedazzle and hopefully educate the attendees in all manner of things, technical or not-so-technical. Add to that a Connect-like Gurupalooza and speed-geeking and you are in for a real treat. Obviously this isn't your normal 2 hour quarterly meeting, this puppy is from 10AM until 4PM, hence the "DAY of Champions".

One of the things you'll notice about the 11 presenters is that most (10?) are from the Metro Atlanta area, an astounding abundance of resources for a single area of the country, especially as you will no doubt recognize every single presenters name. It's a veritable who's-who of the ICS community. Most, if not all, are current or former IBM Champions (hangs head in shame).

If that isn't enough two of the best IBM presenters walking this planet of ours are also presenting:
  • Scott Souder is giving the keynote and although he's from Texas we still love him. Mostly ;)
  • Louis Richardson. I could listen to this guy present on wall paper from the 1700's and still come away mesmerized.

You should come for these two alone, then add in the likes of Chris Whisonant, Tim Tripcony and Nathan Freeman to name but a few and you have a pretty stellar line up.

Anyway, there is no excuse not coming to see this event. Did I say it was pretty unique? Yeah, I did.....but again, it's unique. I think there will be attendees from far and wide so get on over to and register. Right now. Now damn it!

For my part, I'll be presenting a cut down version of the "World according to Darren" presentation, that debuted at MWLUG last year. Yes, IBMers should be worried ;)

Champion for a day.....I can cross this off my bucket list now.
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