Luckily there is also another presenter so don't let the fact that I'm presenting keep you away :)

Here's the abstracts and the registration details for the IBM hosted event from 11:30AM to 1:30PM on May 16th :

We have two presenters for our May meeting.
Brad Balassaitis of the PSC Group will present,
Presenting Data Effectively with XPages

A critical feature of any application is the organization and display of the data. In the Lotus Notes client, data views generally all look the same, but when designing an application for the web, users expect more and XPages delivers!
In this session, we will review many options for displaying data. We will cover core controls (including the View Panel and Repeat Control), Extension Library Controls (including the Data View and Dojo Data Grid), and even a third party option. After taking a look at each control’s features and drawbacks, you’ll be armed to make the best decisions for displaying data in your applications.
Brad Balassaitis has been developing Notes and Domino applications for 17 years, focusing on XPages for the past 3 years. He is a Senior Consultant on the Collaboration Team at PSC Group (, developing custom XPages applications to meet clients' needs. He blogs about XPages at and has recently been published in The View and on NotesIn9.

Darren Duke of Simplified Technology Solutions (STS) will present,
“I have a Traveler server; maybe I should secure it some”.

An iPhone or iPad was given to you, "Make this work with Lotus", you were told. And so your Traveler server was born, much like BES before it, with nary a thought for "production use".
Traveler is a virulent technology, users flinging iPhones, iPads and Android devices at you at an alarming rate. There is no one-to-one relation for devices to users here… some folks have 4 or more devices attached to your Traveler server. You look like a rock star! "About time" you say to yourself.
But is it secure? Am I letting my users send free text passwords OTA (even with HTTPS there are more secure options)? Do you even know the security options available to you? Come learn what you can do to secure these slippery endpoints, these public facing servers and keep looking like a rock star……
Darren, technical guru at STS, the once vocal "bad cop" on "This Week In Lotus" podcast, Lotusphere and Connect speaker, sporadic blogger, ranting tweeter, and all round snarky guy will endeavor to both entertain and educate you in this neglected but very important area.

--Lunch will be provided by IBM! –

--Due to IBM security you need to reply if you are planning to attend the meeting. --
Please reply to no later than early morning, Tuesday, May 14, 2013.
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