Every few days I go to fix cental, and this just popped up....

Image:CCH3 is available for 8.0.2 Standard Client

Fixes include (and it also contains CCH1 and CCH2):

SPR Description
MMQS7K352F Notes 802 multiuser client does not launch when running MUI
RBEO7GVLCJ Crash cancelling a meeting from the calendar sidebar
AGUD7DSU3Q Queryclose cannot prevent user closing document
RBOD7GVSMS Mail file owner field changed when switching locations/IDs w/synchronize contacts enabled
KKOO7D6DQ3 Fix the text that is being cut off when printing or previewing Monthly calendar
MOBN7KENLV Fix 7.04 and 8.02 client and server that can no longer replicate with 5.x and earlier servers
TBOO7J7GH2 Fix error reported when opening repeating calendar entries
MYAG7H8PNP KB delete does nothing; need to button delete to delete a single doc in a expanded thread
DMOE7KXQ6F Trash icon missing from Inbox view
LFOS7K9SVF Hotfix on an existing 8.0.2 client breaks RSS Feeds
DMSR7MEQH4 J2SE feature patch in Notes 802 CCH2 (and in 802 FP1) causes new users to fail launching
XFXF7LKJAW Partial installation and setup failures
SAKL7LGAWD Intermittent expeditor hang
SAKL7LKK2V Shift functions don't work in embedded browser
LJAS7LKPVS null ptr exception in Web Browser
DBRK7LXE6V Hebrew words in reverse order in "Day-At-A-Glance" for meeting
XLZG7KTSML Error "an internal error occurred during "buddyListPolicyJob"
CJKE7M8KWD Embedded Sametime brokerbridge feature (Office Integration channel) stops on machine hibernate
KRED7CAPZW Location popup not appearing over VPN

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