Literally every week since R8 Standard was released, and it ushered in the era of the Eclipse client, I get requests as to the specifications I recommend to run the Eclipse-y Standard sexy client. These are my recommendations, and I'm sure IBM would protest at these, but my name is on the blog, so.....
  • For Windows XP at least 2GB of RAM. Anything less and you will suffer.
  • For Vista. Uninstall it and install Ok, 3GB RAM.
  • For Windows 7, 3GB.
  • You need a dedicated graphics chip. Anything is better than the integrated tosh that Intel and ATI force on the world. Spend the $30 on a dedicated card for both desktops and laptops.
  • Make you AV software only scan modified files. Not every read. Exclude NSF and NTF files too. If your feeling really adventurous exclude JAR files, but I'm not recommending or condoning that (that is your RGE, not mine).  
  • Stop buying laptops with 5,400 RPM drives. Get 7,200 RPM ones. Same for desktops. It's like $10-20 difference.
  • Defrag the drive after installation.
  • Keep the side bar "widgets" to a minimum.
  • Do not install Symphony unless you intend to use it. (3.0 is much, much better.....)
  • Use a local mail file replica

There you go.
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