October 15 2018 Monday

Domino 10 adds (nee TDI) IBM SDI 7.2

While downloading Domino 10 the other day I also saw this in the "Domino 10" download list I had searched for:

Image:Domino 10 adds (nee TDI) IBM SDI 7.2

In previous versions of Domino you only had entitlement rights to the now aging Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.1.1. I had asked a while back (maybe 18 months) about access to (the now then renamed to) IBM Security Directory Integrator 7.2 and was told there were no plans. Well now that we have a whole new Domino release someone realized that was a dumb decision and IBM have revved the entitlement to 7.2.

Once you get TDS 7.2 go get the latest fix pack too (as the time of writing FP5) from
IBM Fix Central:

Image:Domino 10 adds (nee TDI) IBM SDI 7.2
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