Since BackupExec ceased support for Domino backup APIs after v14 there have been very few backup utilities that integrate with Domino natively. The fix was always for IBM to add VSS support to Windows Domino installs (the vast, vast majority of installs I see *are* on Windows). But IBM (along with 1000's of other fixes they should have and could have done) choose not to.

HCL have finally fixed this oversight (and by oversight I mean complete dereliction of duty from IBM). I fully admit I was worried when HCL went all chips in and bought it all from IBM, but boy have they been adding stuff that has been sorely missing from the product. VSS support included.

The best part is that (for backup at least, restores are a tad more finicky so be sure to read the docs) there is no setup on your side once 12.0.2 ships and you install it. It is available today in FlexNet as a preview release, not gold code yet so you've been warned. Here is what happens on the Domino side (I have logging turned up) when Veeam backs up my 12.0.2 Windows server with Veeam "application aware processing" turned on:

Image:Domino 12.0.2 adds VSS backup support
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1 - Fredrik    06/30/2022 1:48:39 PM

Is there any other requirements than domino 12.02?

How is it handling transaction logs and DAOS ?

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2 - Daniel Nashed    07/01/2022 1:30:41 AM


For Backup you start the new backupvss.exe servertask, which registers Domino as a native VSS Writer. It's not a simple "fix". It's a new servertask and a true VSS Writer implementation.

VSS is only used for the Snapshot backup. You usually run it once per day.

If you also want Archive Style transaction log backup, that's a different integration option where Archive Translog TXN files need to be backuped.

This can run in parallel if you really really need it.

Usually you could use circular translog or linear translog and roll forward databases as long the TXN files are still there.

But if you want archive translog you can configure for example writing translog to another disk or write it to S3. Domino Backup will take care of purging translogs as well.

But usually I would not add that complexity.

DAOS is not part of any of the Domino Backup integration solutions directly.

It's a simple flat file backup, which does not need any Domino support.

In contrast for in unlikely case of a DAOS restore, you can leverage Domino Restore to get missing NLO files restored from the backup application/backend of your choice. You can configure restore scripts. And this would help you in case of restoring a single database, a whole directory or the whole server.

But this is a open integration depending on the back-end you choose.

Starting point for all integrations is here -->

HCL cannot build all the integrations. You will find some reference implementations. But partners can help to build any type of integration. And the GitHub project is there to help too.

One reference implementation is the Veeam integration.

The backup side is not needed any more for Domino 12.0.2 with VSS Writer integration.

But you would still need a restore integration to mount the backup and retrieve the backup.

I rewrote the whole documentation for 12.0.2 to make the integration more simple in combination with VSS Writer support.

If you have questions about integration options the GitHub project is where you should take a look or open issues.

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3 - Daniel Nashed    07/01/2022 1:39:26 AM

The restore integration for Veeam is here -->

I have designed it together with Veeam. We had to find a way to mount the backup snapshot automatically on the server when an admin selects the backup.

This was implemented for Domino 12.0.1 already where you need freeze scripts to run on your Windows server to bring databases into backup mode.

With 12.0.2 the backup integration is the VSS Writer and only on restore you need to get the backup mounted.

The new document is a simplified description only taking into account the restore part for Windows.

What it basically does is to reach out to the Veeam server over a SSH connection to securely run a PowerShell script to mount the backup.

The VSS Writer integration with auto recovery snapshots make the NSF files in the Veeam backup consistent. So you could copy them back on your own.

But no admin would like to manually find the right backup nor mount it remotely and then locally copy the files on the server.

This integration provides you with the full restore automation flow.

Let me know about any feedback via GitHub repository or ping me directly.

I am glad you like what HCL did with your AHA idea ;-)