February 26 2009 Thursday

Domino 8.5 webinars

A few people who read yesterdays DOAS post also picked up on the mention of the Domino 8.5 demos that I have been doing. Well that fired off a slew of emails with questions about this and how to get on one.

Basically it is an hour long live Domino and Notes 8.5 presentation using Sametime Unyte that we host (usually) once a week. To register for one (and yes there is a limit per session) simply send an email to Jeanne Pearson or call her 678-362-0048 at and she will set you up with a spot at your convenience.

What is interesting about this is that I have been personally involved with these demos since R8 went gold in September of 2007 (thanks for the link Ed) and while the R8 demos were well attended not many people seemed to actually make the move from R6.5 or R7. Now we're cycling back through the list and all those who didn't make a move to R8 are really, really interested in moving to 8.5 (DOAS, ID Vault specifically).

For a point release, IBM has managed to instill a whole lot of wow in the product.

Oh, and yes the webinar is free and is usually at 4pm EST (so this is really targeted at the US and Canada market).
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