Title says it all really. Get it at IBM Fix Central.

For Quickr Domino, FP6 is available:

Image:Fix Packs, fix packs, fix packs. Part 1 Quickr Domino 8.1 FP8106

Fixes included in FP6:
01/22/2009 TKAO7B5MCA
Need to use scroll bar to choose the Close button in the Add Members window on older themes
01/20/2009 TSNG7MK53Q When Wiki place is created, Anonymous user access is not present
01/20/2009 RELS7M2PWB Some places have wrong colors, buttons after upgrading from Quickplace 6.5.1 to Quickr 8.1
01/20/2009 RTIN7M6HND After creating a Blog comment, Rich Text Editor still contains the just submitted comment.
01/20/2009 MMOI7MDE9G In Quickr 8.1 theme, Rooms should not be a selectable component in PlaceType options
01/20/2009 XHKG7LY8Y2 "h_MeetingUrl undefined" error appears in IE browser status bar when using Sametime server also as an LDAP server
01/20/2009 MPUL7MFJ7Q Connectors "Checked Out by Me" view is showing other members' draft documents
01/20/2009 AGAI7HNKWB Accessing places through Connectors does not store last accessed or last modified timestamps
01/20/2009 CLOH7LY64F Re-editing wiki pages with inserted images causes images to lose their page alignment
01/20/2009 JYYG6ZV8YM “Buffer Overflow Exception” error given when entering more than the allowable amount of characters in a Member’s “Other Information” field.
01/20/2009 MBAM7LJRNT Versioning information is lost after moving documents with versioning between rooms
01/20/2009 BTLW7N2CK8 Text Area fields in custom forms are formatted incorrectly when user enters multiple lines of text
01/20/2009 RELS6Z4PTG
Running qptool upgrade -f in a clustered environment causes numerous replication/save conflicts
01/14/2009 MPUL7MSF92 Quickr Entry Place not found if url is redirected from another url
01/14/2009 MZHA7EFD9M Full Text Search index not generated on clustered server when running "qptool replicamaker -t".
01/14/2009 SORA7MUSYK A File imported through connectors where the filename contains a semicolon are not recognized as an attachment using Quickr Domino Web UI on Internet Explorer.
01/14/2009 XHKG7LW9C2 Rich Text Editor is cut off at the bottom in Internet Explorer.
01/14/2009 TORI79ENTF Sametime Awareness integration on an Entry Place does not display properly
01/14/2009 SHYN7LZMUS “qptool upgrade” will should not recreate the “Home” page in the TOC if was manually removed
01/14/2009 RELS7LR3XD Lock icon tooltip displays original author, not person who's checked out doc
01/14/2009 PKAY7LLJF5 Notifications for a group name that contains “[“ or “]” will not be sent out
01/09/2009 RELS7LRPL8 External group members not receiving Quickr email notifications
01/09/2009 RELS777SXR My Places should display places sorted by title field rather than by place name
01/09/2009 GMUN7MFGVV Drag/drop should be enabled in sub-rooms
01/09/2009 SHYN7HMMJP Qptool sendmail losing newlines in email body sections
01/09/2009 MBAM7M62HS Logo Maker customize feature truncates logo text with some fonts
01/09/2009 DAMC7M7JP3 Place creators using placetypes with subrooms are listed as managers rather than owners of the subrooms.
01/09/2009 THES7ET43D Workflow notifications are missing a space before the place name.
01/09/2009 MMQS7M9P2N
Error "Object does not support property or method" when attempting to insert/edit a table.
01/09/2009 BACY7L2TK6 Users with apostrophes in their name can't be deleted in Room Security
01/09/2009 RELS7M8TWG Enabling XSS Security settings causes data loss in Rich Text Editor when uploading images
01/09/2009 MPUL7LJHG6 ??? appears in Folder Name Breadcrumb instead of Folder Name when viewing a sub-folder

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