Well, first you probably want to know why IBM added the IBM HTTP Server (IHS) to Domino.....basically to allow Domino to do TLS over HTTP (which native Domino HTTP cannot do....it can do TLS over SMTP but not HTTP), but I think it was also a roundabout "fix" some SSL scaling issues that Domino can have.

So how do I get it?

Well, it's built into the 9.0 installer for Windows Domino servers (other OSes, you are out of luck....complain via a PMR) but you only see it when you do a custom Domino install:

Image:IBM Domino now includes IBM HTTP Server - but how do you find it?

Once you select that you now get a new option on the next screen:

Image:IBM Domino now includes IBM HTTP Server - but how do you find it?

Check that new option and IBM HTTP Server will be installed on the same server as Domino. You can use this for Traveler too, just make sure you install Domino 9.0 IF1 if you are as there is a bug on the gold code.

Once you have it installed there are still some tasks to do with the server's notes.ini file as outlined in the 9.0 admin help and it is worth nothing when you add the following to the notes.ini file


the Domino HTTP now listens on port 9288 for loopback connections from IHS and that Domino will only accept connections that originate from the same computer.
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1 - Wolfgang Haderlein       05/15/2013 1:48:46 PM

And Listen in domino.conf have to be enabled. No enabled by default.

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2 - Craig Wiseman    http://www.wiseman.la/cpw    05/16/2013 9:57:05 AM

1st, thanks for this - it's helpful!

2nd, technically, Domino can't do "TLS (SSL v3.1) over SMTP" ... it does SSL 3.0 over SMTP, which acts somewhat like TLS.

I've ref'd an ideajam below that explains better, but if you really want FULL/REAL TLS over SMTP support in Domino, call in to IBM support and get them to create a PMR and add it to "APAR LO67453 SPR #YDEN8RNH22 for Enhancement ".

{ http://www.ideajam.net/IdeaJam/P/ij.nsf/0/342557C4307F678D86257833004C527F?OpenDocument }

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3 - Darren Duke       05/16/2013 10:01:45 AM

@2, maybe they will front Domino SMTP with SendMail and "fix" that too ;)

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4 - Craig Wiseman    http://www.wiseman.la/cpw    05/16/2013 11:31:00 AM

I'm glad IBM recognizes that keeping Domino current with web standards is critical (esp. SECURITY standards), but in summary, this seems to fully count as:

kludge /klo͞oj/


An ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill a particular purpose.


Use ill-assorted parts to make (something).