Just got this last night in an email from IBM....

The resigned applets cause issues with the following Domino releases:
  • 7.0
  • 7.0.1
  • 7.0.2

They replace a file called websvc.jar. Unfortunately this has some undesired affects on the above releases. To fix:
1.        Shut down Domino
2.        Replace the websvc.jar with the original "gold" version
3.        Restart Domino

or, if shutting down Domino is not acceptable...
1.        Shut down HTTP
2.        Stop runjava (if applicable)
3.        Replace the websvc.jar with the original "gold" version
4.        Restart HTTP
5.        Load runjava (if applicable)

Note that this issue does not impact any other files. So if you already downloaded a ZIP file of re-signed JAR files for Domino 7x but have not yet applied the re-signed files to your server, you can safely apply all the other JAR files except for websvc.jar
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