Well that was a speedy 24 months. With a total of 294 post in that last two years I've averaged one post ever 2.48 days. That is far more than I ever thought I'd do ;)

With 527 comments (and not all of them are mine) then at least some find this useful.

Occasionally I get asked why I started this, and the honest truth is two fold:
  • The STS site requires editing and I'm crap at spelling ;)
  • To allow the STS sales and marketing folks to "prove" we know what we are doing

The latter has been a huge success and is sometimes the topic of a post requests from the team. Most of their requests get done, some get ignored ;)

During this period I've also been involved in other projects. I was worried that the blogging "frequency" and/or quality would lapse but I think I've avoided that potential pot fall, at least for the time being. Other stuff I'm involved in:

I think one of the things that goes unsaid in any community, not just the Yellow Submarine, is how much time and dedication the bloggers put in. I wish to thank everyone I read for your time, effort and dedication to enhancing my knowledge.

In fact I recently estimated that the efforts I am involved with (including blogging. PoTs, LUG's, etc) is an investment equivalent of well over $40,000 per year. So, if you see a blogger, give them a hug.
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