This is a slightly updated one to the one I gave at GLUG a while back. Warning, it is just a technical as the prior version, so enter at your own risk......

Thanks to everyone who turned out (and it was pretty large). Next quarter is the mighty Bruce Elgort of Eljugi Software, The 1352 Report, The Taking Notes podcast and the XPages Blog. Come out and see one the "jaundice bubble" luminaries, live and in person.

For other presentations we've done, see this page.

Anyway, enough grovelling to Bruce, here's the presentation.....
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1 - Bob Brodsky       03/11/2010 6:27:22 PM


VERY informative presentation on a difficult subject: Absolutely Lotusphere class!


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2 - Richard Moy    03/12/2010 11:01:00 AM


Nice presentation. Would you be interested in presenting this at the MWLUG 2010 in August?

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3 - John O’Laughlin    03/12/2010 3:34:32 PM

I second Richard question, we would love to have you in the Midwest for this presentation and general knowledge and support.

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4 - Darren Duke    03/12/2010 6:12:31 PM

Count me in. I'd love to drone on about SAN admins and the effects they have on your Domino server and VMware ;)

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5 - Cali       05/04/2011 4:43:58 AM

[small type on slide 16 - is]