Updated 3/31/2020 for 11.0.1

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that there doesn't seem to be a useful (at least that I know of) list of the features added to Domino over the last few releases. Then Lisa asked me for this list for a STS customer. While this is not definitive, it is a least a starting point to see what new features were added when, and maybe more importantly, what was added. This is a tad difficult to collate due to IBM's seriously disastrous decision to go the "feature pack" way for a while.

It should also be noted that as of 10 and higher IBM/HCL have reverted back to fix packs being fix packs. So no new features should be getting added outside of a release revision (for example no new features in 10.0 FP1, but there are new features in 10.0.1).

So here goes:

9.0.1 (IBM)

  2. Java 8 on server
  3. Summary 16MB
  4. SAML ADFS 3.0

  1. New mail, contacts and pubnames templates (Some features below require these new templates)
  2. View open speed increase on TX logged NSFs
  3. Mail forwarding restrictions
  4. Inline view indexing
  5. Run mail rules on existing messges
  6. REST API improvements

  1. Java 8 in client and DDE
  2. Eclipse update 4.6.2 (from 3.4.2)

10.0 (IBM)
  1. Touch screen supoort
  2. Custom colors
  3. New mail template
  4. Dynamic indexing for highly changing views
  5. Symmetrical clusters
  6. Document deletion logging
  7. Dead mail automatic processing
  8. New ODS 53, 256GB NSF size support
  9. Node.js support
  10. DQL (Domino Query Language)

10.0.1 (IBM)
  1. AUT - automatic client update tool
  2. Marvel Client Essentials included
  3. SSL cipher improvements
  4. One time mail signatures

11.0 (HCL)
  1. New licensing model
  2. New mail template
  3. OpenSSL Use
  4. InstallAnywehre use
  5. DirectorySync
  6. Use ID Vault password as HTTP password
  7. AdoptOpenJDK 8 with OpenJ9
  8. DAOS 2-tier storage
  9. Nomad for iPad released

11.0.1 (HCL)
  1. Swiftfile integration is standard. Can be disabled
  2. New Directory Sync feature allow multiple AD users to be registered at once
  3. Subject Alternate Name support in TLS certs.
  4. SNI Domino HTTP support. Server Name Indication (disabled by default)
  5. DAOS tier 2 storage
  6. Docker image in UBI format
  7. Java
  8. Save (well export) document to PDF
  9. 128 bit AES local encryption
  10. Updated templates (including mail and pubnames)
  11. Cross Domain support for Traveler to get ID's from ID Vault
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1 - Sean Cull       02/29/2020 12:36:34 PM

JSON classes in V11 - https://www.eknori.de/2020-02-29/all-new-lotusscript-methods-and-properties-in-v10-v11/

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2 - Erik Schwalb       03/01/2020 12:33:51 PM

For every release (with the exception of 9.0.1 FP10) there's an "What's new" page in the official product documentation, e.g.