Available via IBM Fix Cental.

Fixed for Quickr 8.1 HF10:
05/20/2009 RTIN7RMGJD Blog RSS Feed showing blank entries.
05/20/2009 CBRN7RLNTU Problem downloading files with spaces in filenames from IE6.
05/20/2009 PNOT7S3JLG Javascript being displayed when creating a new theme.
05/14/2009 CSTS7QVN4N Quickr RSS feeds do not display images when using the Notes RSS Feed Reader.
05/14/2009 RTIN7RJFJ8 Rooms allowing Anonymous users are not shown in the Table of Contents of the parent place for an Anonymous user.
05/14/2009 JRIE7QNGR9 Logout Link is not shown in Firefox when the LTPA Token configuration is not named LtpaToken within the Domino Server configuration.
05/14/2009 JSHN7QFU9T In IE7, embedded objects added to the Rich Text Editor when editing in HTML mode doesn’t display correctly if, after checked in, you check out the document.
05/14/2009 MMOI7R3RM5 With Wiki places, a folder disappears from the list of folders when editing the folder and choosing to “leave it where it is".
05/14/2009 RTIN7RQP8X The names in the "Assigned to" drop down list when New Task are not correct if that name contains a comma.
05/14/2009 CCLI7ABB4V Domino server crash while looking up a user in the Member Management page.
05/11/2009 XMXU7RUBBE Problem publishing a file in an Entry Place using Sametime or Notes Sidebar connector.
05/07/2009 THES7RCV72 Blog comment separator is too close to the following comment.
05/07/2009 KABS7QGG3R If anonymous access is allowed within qpconfig.xml and anonymous is removed from a place and then anonymous access is disallowed within qpconfig.xml, usage statistics will show those disallowed places to anonymous users.
05/07/2009 RALF7RLJ36 qpconfig setting does not work for Domino Native authentication.
05/07/2009 RTIN7MPQ6D When adding a new image within the rich text editor, a separate document will be created that contains that image.  That image document should not be displayed in the list of documents.
05/07/2009 JRIE7QNLA4 Running "qptool upgrade -f -a" as required in the upgrade documentation of a hotfix removes some custom properties.  
(See “Upgrading your places and other Quickr Domino databases” section for the new parameter
-saveformprefs to resolve this issue)
05/07/2009 SSHD7PJUTG Log out from a place fails in Firefox if accessed through a Proxy.
05/04/2009 TPEA7RADGB qpconfig setting displays DN instead of CN displayed in member view.
05/04/2009 CNKE7QW9RN In Places Admin, if a place has a number of rooms, clicking Next does not show the remaining rooms
05/04/2009 RALF7RCMW4 In Explorer Connector, dragging a virtual folder (a document that contains multiple attachments) from the root level (the table of contents) to the desktop causes an empty folder to be created
05/04/2009 KABS7QBLLK Notification email from sent from a place being is addressed to the wrong external group member.
04/29/2009 CSTS7RAKS5 Error “The parameter is incorrect” is displayed when trying to edit an HTML file from an Imported HTML Page.
04/29/2009 RTIN7QNLPX Modified dates not showing correctly for files uploaded by Drag And Drop (bullseye) applet
04/29/2009 MMOI7PSR8J In certain circumstances, the Domino Server can crash when checking out a document through the connectors.
04/29/2009 CCLI7ABB4V In certain circumstances, the Domino Server can crash when during member lookup in the Member Management page.
04/29/2009 CSTS7RBUC4 When dragging a file into the Explorer connector that already exists and is checked out, multiple copies of that file may show in the Explorer connector.
04/28/2009 TPEA7QMGMK RSS Feed  error message "No description provided" when retrieving content of a document.

Connector HF13 Fixes (actually this is 8.2 Connector):
June 4, 2009 MPUL7NAMFV

LO36728 DocumentNotLockedError Status When Launching XLS for Read only
June 4, 2009 This version of Connectors is identical to what was shipped for Quickr Connectors 8.2.  This contains 182 fixes that have not been enumerated in this table.  

N.B. This fixes the problem identified by fix ID "" - Quickr Connector Key Update. The sideshelf for the Lotus Quickr Connector for Lotus Notes does not display in Notes 8.0.x and Notes 8.5 after upgrading to the latest version of the Lotus Quickr Connectors.

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