Nathan got me thinking, and when I think I search the web. In an earlier post Nathan commented about Notes encryption. Now I swear that every 6 months or so I am asked by a customer about the strength and algorithm that Lotus Notes uses when connecting over an encrypted port. I also swear I search for this information every 6 months too and I always come up with 64 bit RC 2 as the "possible" answer in this ancient SearchDomino post ....

Well this time I searched I hit pay-dirt. Based on technote 1097816 we get the following:
S Encryption Strength
The first value is the key length
The second value is the algorithm
(new in Notes/Domino 6)
(only used for R3 Int'l or WW40 versions)

= RC4
= RC2
A Algorithm 4:1 = RC4
2:0 =
RC2 (R3 Intl or WW40)

Now, this is not  listed (as far as I can tell) anywhere in any help, be it admin or client. The technote also outlines how to test it and I did just that. As you can see below when I connected to my server I am connecting as 128 bit RC4.

Image:Pop Quiz - who knows the encryption strength and alogrithm than Lotus Notes port encryption uses?

So there you have it and why the hell is this not in the trace information or the help?
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1 - Nathan T. Freeman    07/18/2010 1:04:38 PM

Why the hell isn't 128-bit encryption simply enabled by default? Under what circumstances would you NOT want it? The workload differential is trivial these days. Maybe in a Citrix environment it wouldn't be useful anyway, but it's also unlikely to hurt.

Yet another great feature never revealed because Lotus leaves themselves victim to the implementer.

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2 - Bill    07/19/2010 2:47:45 AM

I'm guessing that when Mike Rodin embraced the idea of the customers and business parners writing the documentation for him, the technical writers were downsized..

---* Bill