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Fixes included:
03/03/2010 CMCH82HMNB When using Sametime integration, the option to Add Tools returns an error that the client does not support this functionality.
03/03/2010 RALFUZQC4 Issue where sometimes a page will not render, if your Domino server returns a redirected page.
03/03/2010 DWHN82RL7F On a place that supports anonymous users, an unpublished document can become viewable by anonymous users if the Form type is changed within connectors.
03/03/2010 RELS7KNUHE With versioning enabled, searching for content returns all versions of any document that matches the search criteria.
(see fix  RELS7KNUHE  in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
02/26/2010 MPUL7YTJF9 External Groups Members Expand as "Undefined" In Room Security
02/26/2010 MPUL7VCKCN In the Member Management page, if more members exist than what will fit on page based on the number members to display per page, pressing the Last button does not bring you to the last page of members.
02/09/2010 BOAI825KV3 When using Connections, you may get a SemTagSvc is null javascript error when displaying a business card.
02/09/2010 MMOI7YUPEL In certain circumstances, small attachments may not be fully uploaded using the the ActiveX control in IE6.
02/09/2010 None Notes Sidebar connector does not prompt you for authentication if your password has changed in your directory (requires Quickr Connectors 8.2 HF6).
02/09/2010 HMON7ZENJE Clicking a search result may return an error “Entry Not Found In Index” when the document being clicked is a response document and the parent document was moved from one room to another.
02/09/2010 ACHG7Z33LX With Quickr Traditional Chinese localized version, a custom form with a time field will not display the correct minutes that was originally entered.
02/09/2010 JYJG7SA573 In certain circumstances, trying to access a file via the connectors can give an error “The file has been deleted on the server, please select another file”.
02/09/2010 BBAR82ALS3 When the Title of the place contains a double quote, the Customize / Basics page will not load.
02/09/2010 None With the Quickr SOAP API, the namespace soapenv is required, but not documented.  Remove the soapenv namespace requirement.  

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1 - Christian       03/09/2010 10:11:16 AM

where can i found the German-Fixup?

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2 - Michael Urspringer    03/09/2010 1:54:52 PM

German fixpacks will not be released every month. If you encounter an issue which is solved with a certain English fixpack you can open a PMR and request a localized version which support will sent to you.

About every 3 month there will be public localized versions on fix central available also.

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3 - Darren Duke    03/10/2010 7:02:50 PM

Yep, Michael is right. PMR it. That last non English FP set was FP6.