August 19 2010 Thursday

Quickr Domino 8.2 Fix Pack 15 available

As usual get it over at IBM Fix Central.

There is no new qp2,cab file in this release. The latest is

Fixes contained in FP15 (ohm and as usual Fix Packs are cumulative, so all previous fix packs are also included):
08/09/2010 CLOH87TMSV Custom policy where an alert limit in days has been set, that setting isn’t respected.
08/09/2010 PNOT87UP2J In certain circumstances, uploading files through Connectors when using EMM may cause an error “Block size illegal for BPOOL”.
08/04/2010 DAMC83E23R Integrated with Lotus Connections, the Business Card is not displayed near the user’s login name in My Places.
07/29/2010 CXCX85L9QP Members whose name contain an apostrophe are missing when in the notify list from a room.
07/29/2010 CWIR87BJWY In certain circumstances the Domino server may crash when performing multiple refreshes from the Notes connector.

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