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Fixes included:
09/24/2009 MLZG7UPB9N With a server configured for Domino Native Authentication, if a user goes offline, the server could crash.
09/24/2009 DAMC7TWHQT Issue adding Active Directory groups to Quickr using Directory Assistance
09/24/2009 HMON7V4P3H Drag and Drop fails to upload file if Workflow set to Simple Submit and using a custom form.
09/24/2009 CSTS7VYKG6 No member list when sending email notification from within subroom.
09/24/2009 RELS6Y5NHS Users with Membership enabled as “Allow Logged in non members” cannot launch attachments when using Domino Native Authentication.
09/24/2009 THES7RLGWG In certain circumstances, qptool removemember does not remove the member from the place catalog.
09/15/2009 KSAA7UVCUM When adding an Author to a document, if you select a Group and a member at the same time, the Group is not saved.
09/15/2009 ESEO7TXSBY When sending a notification from within a room, all members of place get notified when only the room members should.
09/15/2009 RTIN7V4FWM When using a custom form and displaying one of those fields as a column in folder view, if the field value contains a double quote, the browser displays an error.
09/15/2009 CSTS7UWT7V “Page Not Found” error when deleting a place and your Quickr directory is Quickplace instead of LotusQuickr.
09/15/2009 TSNG7VG7F3 Room not removed from the PlaceCatalog / Usage Statistics after deleting a room from a place
09/15/2009 JRIE7VHHDA “You can not take this action from this URL” when accessing Room Security after upgrade to 8.2 using the Classic Navigation theme.
09/15/2009 DYLU7AQEMS Cannot set your Place Description (Customize/Basics/Describe your place) to blank after entering in a Place Description.
09/15/2009 CSTS7TZJNQ Fix for a Quickr server crash that may happen during Domino shutdown.
09/15/2009 MMOI7UUKXX Fix for a Quickr server crash on AIX during “qptool report -policyexecute”.
09/03/2009 CSTS7UPN4Y After rebuilding the place catalog, places that allowed anonymous access no longer do.
09/03/2009 MMCN7T48TS QPTool causing Domino to crash.
08/21/2009 DAMC7UCDB9 Users accessed via Directory Assistance are not displayed correctly when performing lookups in Member Management.
08/21/2009 RTIN7UVR55 Unable to create new local groups in a place when using Expanded Membership Model (EMM)
08/21/2009 BTLW7TGA9G Blog comment lists the comment author as their login name, it should be Firstname Lastname
08/21/2009 ESEO7UPUGZ Expanded Membership Model (EMM) users do not see their places in My Places.

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