This has the fix that Rob Novak blogged about the other day. The issue addressed a bug in FP8.  Get it from IBM Fix Central.

Fixes include

Via the Rest API, using the pagesize parameter without using the page parameter may crash the Domino Server.
The Notify context menu option does not work for documents in a workflow.
After adding a local group to a room’s security, clicking the Member Profile of the group gives an invalid Member Profile.
Usage Statistics page does not show all places for a user logged in as a Super User.
Mail not sent to next approver when using a Workflow form from Connectors.

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1 - Pierre Lalonde       02/02/2010 8:52:26 AM

Hi Darren,

Since you are (I think) the Reference for Lotus Quickr product, I was asking me this question: How good is Quickr?

We use it internaly to create Quick Room Spaces for limited (< 15) users. Have you deploy Quickr 8.2 in large enterprise (> 1000)?

I think it's a good product, but still not so easy to use for everyone.

What do you think?


- Pierre