July 10 2010 Saturday

Quickr Domino 8.2 FP 13 is available

As per, get it from IBM Fix Central.

Fixes include:
06/23/2010 MPUL83KCKR Cannot expand Domino Native Group in Room Security Add Member dialog.
06/23/2010 TJOR868PEP Room contents not viewable when “Room Security” moved to the top of the room’s table of contents.
06/23/2010 PNOT86GG4Y In FireFox, the start icon designating the current version is missing.
06/23/2010 MZHA86MA5J Place non-member set to Author access cannot save a blog comment.
06/23/2010 ESEO85ZR4X In Add Member dialog, duplicate search result entries are returned when multiple base DNs are specified in the qpconfig.
06/23/2010 JRIE84GGDL “Upload to Library” drag and drop applet still visible and functional after disabling Java applets in the place.
06/23/2010 ASHH84WG46 In certain circumstances the h_Authors field is missing on a document during check out resulting in the user getting the error message “Sorry, you cannot edit this page right now because another author is currently editing it or has checked it out”.
06/23/2010 XZSU7K2853 When placing a Blog place in an IFrame, some fields are missing when creating a new blog entry.
06/14/2010 ESEO85TV5K When notifying, unable to see users or groups whose name contains open or closed parenthesis.
06/14/2010 XZSU85R9CJ In certain circumstances a user will get an error when cancelling a draft document.
06/14/2010 No SPR When notifying, the option to include the first 30 words of the document you are sending is not available.
06/14/2010 RELS7FWPN3 The list of document versions does not appear when using the FireFox browser.
06/14/2010 SORA7LYHCJ
When editing the folder options for the Calendar, you lose the “New Event” button when viewing the Calendar.
06/08/2010 CLOH85TBPK When creating a new Post, if your cursor is in the Post Topic and you select to insert a new image, that image appears at the top of the web page, not within the Rich Text Editor.
06/08/2010 DWON84PHV8 Within connectors, when dragging and dropping a folder from a Room to the Windows Explorer, that folder is put into a folder named libraryxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.nsf.
06/04/2010 CSTS84JNJF The time is one hour behind on file's Modified Date using the Quickr ActiveX Control.
06/04/2010 MMOI84W2WB URL Links sent to users via the SameTime chat integration do not open when clicked.
06/04/2010 HMON85MQAN When using the QuickPlace Classic Theme, when you go to New or Customize, a smaller window opens in which you have to use the scroll bars to get to content.
06/04/2010 MPUL83NPPW Add Member lookup for groups when using Domino Native as the directory does not show groups if the qpconfig.xml setting is enabled.
06/04/2010 CSTS85FJND Cannot see places in My Places when using \, in Active Directory name.

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