There has been a change to Fix Central, so make sure you are aware of it. Quickr has been split into 2 sections. "Lotus Quickr" (in red) is for releases <= 8.2 and "Lotus Quickr for Domino" (in blue) is for releases >= 8.5. It is also worth pointing out that the Quickr Connectors are also split out starting at 8.5 and higher. See below:

Image:Quickr Domino 8.5.1 FP1 is available (and a change to Fix Central)

Anyway, FP1 is available from IBM Fix Central. Fixes include:
01/27/2011 ESEO87URKK
“qptool settheme” does not reset the themes of subrooms of the place.  
(see fix ESEO87URKK in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
01/27/2011 TDON84VL8C
The Domino Server crashes when the command “load qptool report -policyexecute” which typically runs as a nightly process.
01/27/2011 ASAI87TH5N New member notification email doesn’t contain user’s username and password.
01/27/2011 RALF8ALUYT
Error “File type not supported” is displayed when previewing uploaded .pdf file.
(see fix  SHEZ8AEE24 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
01/27/2011 JHWG87T94G
Imported Word document with a long filename generates an error when previewing.
01/21/2011 DWHN894G7U
When a user uses the word “undefined” in a custom form’s text field, an error is given upon save “The following field cannot contain undefined.”
01/21/2011 ASAI87TH5N Issues with place invitation, the “Email URL Prefix” setting within Site Administration is not being honored, nor is the  “” setting from qpconfig.xml.
01/21/2011 CSTS8CNR7N
In a custom form with a name pop-up field, new names are not added to that pop-up field as new members are added to the place.
01/18/2011 JYJG8A7BQT
Attached images with a large number of pixels do not completely display in preview.
01/18/2011 MMOI8C8UQS
When creating a Text Area in a custom form, that text area’s maximum input value length is 512 bytes when in Quickr 8.2, that same field allowed 32k worth of data.
01/18/2011 ZBGO8CT98J Text format newsletter could not be sent when "text_only" is set to true in the qpconfig.xml
01/18/2011 TJOR8CRPZW
Unable to update an Excel .xlsm file when using IE when an instance of MS Excel 2007 is currently open.
01/18/2011 HHIE8AUMC3
Cannot lock a place through Place Administration when Web Site documents have been created within Domino configuration.
01/18/2011 DAMC8C6KDP
It is not possible to edit files containing "_p" in the file name using the Notes Connector.
01/18/2011 CSTS8CSLWM
A page's comments are lost when moving that page to a different room.
01/18/2011 LCCN8CYBZ5
When previewing an imported Excel file, the preview looks different on Internet Explorer 6 then it does on Internet Explorer 8.
01/18/2011 CSTS8B5QTS
Editor In chief workflow allows a Manager or Owner of a place to approve the workflow.
01/18/2011 XYHU8D2DPT
With TAM enabled, clicking on the "Sort by" links in My Places produces an incorrect URL.
01/18/2011 RELS7NFNX9
Setting the Domino configuration option "Force login on SSL" to yes and then logging in to Quickr produces a URL with duplicated host / domain parts making the URL unusable.
01/18/2011 SSCG8BZM4D
Uploaded logo art for a place does not appear in that place's subrooms.
01/18/2011 MPUL869J5V
Under certain circumstances, Domino's NHTTP task may crash when a user clicks the refresh button on the Quickr Notes Sidebar connector when using EMM.
12/22/2010 JYJG8A7BQT
Attached images with a large number of pixels do not completely display in preview.
12/22/2010 JROE8AZQ7Z With Internet Explorer, moving a folder between rooms will give an error that the entry is not found in the index.
12/22/2010 HHIE8AZ8M4
When uploading images to a blog, you may get an authentication dialog box.
12/22/2010 DTEG8BFC5B In certain circumstances the Notes Connector can cause the Quickr Domino server to crash.
12/22/2010 DTEG89S4S8 New qptool command to create search.nsf if it is missing, qptool createsearch.
12/22/2010 DAMC8ASKQC
When the setting expand_external_groups=false is set, groups added through qptool addmember will never receive notification emails.
12/22/2010 RALF8B2UWS
After creating a large number of folders, you may receive the error “You do not have permission for this action.” followed by the error “An item with the same name already exists in the target folder.”
12/22/2010 TJOR8AWHRU
If you are using Webseal Junction, the ‘Items per page’ links within a folder do not include the junction in the URL.
12/22/2010 HHIE8B8HJG
Removing a place from the Usage Statistics using the context menu results in error “You are not authorized to perform this operation”.
12/22/2010 MMOI88PSLZ
For Domino Native Authentication, going directly to a place when the Domino server has Internet Site Documents enabled results in the user being prompted to login.
12/22/2010 CPRE868R2W Under certain configurations using Dual Directory, user lookup may display the wrong DN.
12/22/2010 SHEZ8B3CPE
No error message is given if you enter more text in the rich text editor than is allowed, when saved, the text is truncated.
12/22/2010 TJOR8AGLA2
The “Log Out” link isn’t showing in a place when the Domino server configuration is set to use internet site documents.
12/22/2010 MPUL895MN8
qptool repair clears the policy from a place or placetype
12/22/2010 RALF88NPUA
Using the chunking buffer (QuickPlaceLargeRequestOnFile), large files do not always get uploaded correctly through the drag and drop applet.
12/22/2010 CWIR87KSJ4 Need a way to override the sender’s email address when sending notifications.
(see fix CWIR87KSJ4 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
12/22/2010 CPRE868QX4 Single Sign On fails when using both Directory Assistance and Active Directory.
12/22/2010 MBJZ87DE5H
No indication of timeout when adding members and sso token has expired
12/22/2010 JROE8B2LSU With Internet Explorer, creating a place with the at sign (@) in it's title, creating a Page in the Library produces some text at the top of the page that is unexpected.
12/22/2010 TJOR8A8QVQ
The qpconfig_sample.xml description for the section was incorrectly switched between the true and false options.  Please see qpconfig._sample.xml for the updated description.
12/22/2010 HMON8AUQM9
With Connections integration, even though the Team Space is configured to show Members links for Editors and Authors, the Members link does not appear in the left-hand navigation.
12/22/2010 MMOI8BYS4Q
Under certain circumstances, an HTTP Error 500 is given when downloading a file.  The specific error is “Unable To Process Request During File Download Http Jvm: java.Lang.Illegalargumentexception: Cookie Name "Rid" “
12/22/2010 CSTS8AUQQH
Within creating a Link in a Tabbed folder, clicking the link brings you to the edit link page, not the link itself.

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1 - Christian       02/28/2011 9:13:26 AM

Complex and not user-friendly to install !!!

It's good for DOS / 1980.