Available via fix central now. There are special instructions if you are running FP3 or FP4 so read them!

Image:Quickr Domino fix pack 5 available. If you use FP3 or FP4 read the instructions.

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Important information before beginning install

2008/12/29 – Please read if you’ve installed FixPack OR
An issue was introduced in FixPack, this issue is fixed in FixPack  If you have installed either or, it is important to perform the following:
1.        Install FixPack or newer.
2.        With your Domino server down, set the following NOTES.INI setting :

3.        Start your Domino server and run the following commands in the Domino Console waiting for each command  to complete before continuing to the next command :
load qptool unlock -a

load qptool repair -a

4.        Shut down your Domino server
5.        Remove the ‘QPTOOLREPAIR_TYPE=folder’ setting  from the NOTES.INI
6.        Start your  Domino server and run the following commands :
load qptool upgrade -f -server

load qptool upgrade -f –a

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List of fixes:
12/23/2008 MMOI7MH576 Documents show up in multiple folders after applying hotfix
12/22/2008 CBJW7JA93W In Symphony Connector, Entry Place owned by signed in user is not blue.
12/22/2008 MMOI7MH576 Documents may appear in multiple folders.
12/22/2008 RELS7LARKR Server crash when deleting items in connectors
12/22/2008 RELS7DKVS8 "My Files" doesn't work with non-standard ports
12/22/2008 MPUL7KHLPR Author & Editor users cannot select content In Folder View
12/17/2008 RTIN7LKKW7 Some columns for shared documents are too small, so they seem cramped.
12/17/2008 MBAM7KVNFD Folder's favored form action button does not appear for non-managers unless the Create... link is hidden
12/17/2008 DDUT7D2LAH Domino Quickr libraries feed does not provide detailed place listing that appears in the corresponding J2EE feed.
12/17/2008 BBAR7L6KS4 Navigating to http://server.name.com/index.htm displays non-functional Admin console.
12/17/2008 DAMC7LYG7S "From" field in qptool newletter mail shows server name instead of place name when user directory is configured to Domino Server.
12/17/2008 AGOR7ELN8R In Connectors, attachments in virtual folders show only the first 32 files.
12/17/2008 GMUN7LBL9D In Connectors, can't drag/drop email documents with long subject lines
12/17/2008 SHYN7LRTE3 Creating a folder with a long name in Connectors gives an error.
12/17/2008 SHYN7LRQDA Member UI lookup results shows "givenName" instead of member's actual given name
12/17/2008 DAMC7LSC3T Progress bar in large file uploads shows progress erratically, does not complete at 100%
12/17/2008 SORA7LAME5 Basic place search with multiple search terms defaults to "matches any" rather than "matches all" terms.

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1 - Almar Diehl    http://www.domino-weblog.nl    01/09/2009 12:48:17 AM

Hi Darren,

I can't find HF5 on fix central, looks like IBM removed it. I think we will see a HF6 soon.

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2 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    01/09/2009 11:07:58 AM

Yep. Just looked and it has gone. We're running it, but I haven't seen anything wrong yet. < fingers crossed / >