February 4 2010 Thursday

Some more rambling thoughts on LS10

Like good wine, I usually have some better outcomes after sitting for a while. The other day I blogged my initial LS10 thoughts but over the past couple of days these have percolated some more.

The most interesting thing I kept hearing (over and over again) was Cognos. At first I thought this was a bit strange being an IM (Information Management) product, but over the course of several days the amount of times I heard "Cognos" I was beginning to thing I was attending Cognosphere. Indeed someone tweeted "Cog-knows" several times during the OGS. All this Cognos speak was around "Social Analytics". This phrase was only surpassed by "Lotus Knows" and "Collaboration Agenda" during the week. I expect social analytics to be a cornerstone of both Connections and Vulcan over the coming months. Hopefully social analytics encompasses search. It would be nice to find stuff ;)

Upon reflection, I guess the argument could be made that Cognos *could* be a Lotus product as it is on the glass. Additionally over on Ed's blog I have often posted that Lotus really does need some type of reporting tool to go toe to toe with $harePoint. You heard it here first!

The other phrase that rang with abandon was "Collaboration Agenda". I like this. It gets out of the weeds of "my product is better because x". Lotus always has marketed products and it is good to see them selling the "vision". Here's my attempt.....
Lotus Knows Your Collaboration Agenda

Or maybe
Lotus Knows You NEED A Collaboration Agenda

I think the phrase forces people to think. When I first saw it on screen during BDD it made me question myself, "What is *my* collaboration agenda" and I started having the conversation with myself (I find I get the answers I want when I talk with myself).

Finally, it is good to see the Lotus Knows campaign being continued and expanded. Germany is the next roll out. I still think we need some wider penetration to tier 2 and 3 cities as PoT attendees have not yet heard of it. Still, kudos for Lotus (and in particular the executives who made/make it happen).
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