I almost missed this stellar piece of news. Ed Brill posted his Notes, Domino and Symphony presentation from IamLUG. On slide 29 (shown below) there are several DAOS updates.

These are specifically aimed at streamlining replication and has been touched on by me previously both on this blog and in Domino 8.5 PoT's. These comments were based on some public conversations I had while at LS09 with the DAOS engineers. I was not expecting to see this 8.5.1, but to see it is excellent news for any Domino shop doing lots of replication and/or clustering (I'm hoping clustering is also DAOS aware)..

Image:The DAOS fest continues. DAOS to come to the replication task in 8.5.1

We all know the benefits of DAOS as it exists in 8.5. Now imagine those savings across the network too! And it appears the client also has this feature too! No more waiting 20 minutes for mail to replicate in order to send that 20MB PowerPoint Symphony presentation if it already exists in the repository.

Great stuff. Great stuff indeed. Once the beta's go public I'll see if we can provide some benchmarks.
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1 - Ulrich Krause    http://www.eknori.de    08/12/2009 6:32:22 AM

>> I'm hoping clustering is also DAOS aware

As far as I know, there is already an enhancement request for this to have only one repository across a domain or cluster.

Not sure if this is really an advantage. From a space-saving aspect, yes; from the data-security point of view I would say, no.

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2 - paul       08/12/2009 6:44:53 AM

@1: Clustering goal is to have a separate server where if the main server crashes then the cluster server can start working... if the daos repository of the main server is deleted by accident then the cluster should have its own repository

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3 - @Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    08/12/2009 6:54:29 AM

@1, yes it is a double edges sword. However I have had clients ask for this. Again, in public converstions at LS09 IBM indicated a couple of possible future features, one being shared storage for DAOS across multiple servers. Another interesting chat was around the "life-cycle" of an attachment. In effect, after 5 days the attachment "open" count goes way down. Because of this it maybe possible in the future to have DAOS on two tier storage, local/fast/SAN for <= 5 days old, and non-local/NAS/etc for older DAOS attachments.

@2, hopefully if this is implemented then the user will be smart enough to (a) back it up, and (b) put DAOS on a RAID10 SAN ;)