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Since getting my BlackBerry at the beginning of the summer, I have been playing around quite a lot and learned of some useful shortcuts that might be helpful.  


While in your messaging folder, you  might find the following hot keys helpful.
“B” -  Scrolls all the way to the bottom of the list
“C” - Opens a blank email
“E” - Jumps to the most recent message that failed to send
“F” - Jumps to your phone book to forward the highlighted message
“I” - Scrolls to the first unread message in the list
“J” - Scrolls to the oldes message in the thread of the highlighted email
“L” - Replies to all
“N” - Scrolls back up to the 'next' day
“P” - Scrolls down to the previous day
“R” - Replies to the highlighted message
“T” - Scrolls to the very top of your message list

Shift + Scroll - Puts your phone in highlight mode
Alt + Shift - Puts your phone in Num Lock so you don't have to hold down Alt
Space Bar - Works as the Page Down button on your computer – (also works in web browser)
Shift + Space - Works as the Page Up

Composing Messages

Typing “mypin” will display your BlackBerry's unique pin that is used to connect with people on BlackBerry Messenger
Hit the space bar at the end of a sentence and a “.” will be inserted and the next letter will be capitalized.

Other typing short cuts -
“lt” - displays the local time
“ld” - displays the local date
“mynumber” - displays your number (go figure)


Your BlackBerry has the a lot of the same capabilities as your Computer.
The Alt + Tab function on a normal computer can also be used on a BlackBerry by pressing Alt + Escape Arrow
This allows you to open multiple applications and toggle through them rather than having to return to the home screen and navigate to the application you want to open.  
"T” and “B” also work when navigating through other screens besides your message folder.

Web Browsing

When entering a URL, hit the space bar and your BlackBerry will insert a period in the web address for you.
Also, when entering an email address, hit space bar the first time and an “@” will be inserted, the second time a “.” will be inserted for you.
Shift + space bar
inserts a “/” in the web address
“Z” - Switches between column view and page view
“G” - Returns to the home page
“K” - Opens your bookmark list
“A” - Adds a bookmark to your list
“I” - Displays a list of your recently visited sites
“R” - Refreshes the page you are currently on
“L” - Displays the web address for a highlighted link
“P” - Displays the page address for a web page
"S” - Saves the address of the page you are currently on to a message list        
“U” - Hides/Displays the banner on a webpage
“O” - Opens browser options
“D” - Hides browser
 * As with messaging, the navigation hot keys “T”, “B”, space bar, and shift + space bar also work in the web browser.

There are certainly many more BlackBerry shortcuts, but I believe this covers most of the basics.  If you'd like to look up more practical shortcuts or just some geeky tricks to pull with your BlackBerry, check out http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/blackberry101/tips/.

Also, you can find a these lists on your BlackBerry under
     Setup Wizard > Did you know? > Next> Next> Shortcuts
 The list includes:
                     BlackBerry basics shortcuts
                    Phone shortcuts
                    Camera and video camera shortcuts
                    Media shortcuts
                    Messaging shortcuts
                    Typing shortcuts
                    Search shortcuts
                    Attachment shortcuts
                    Browser shortcuts
                    Map shortcuts
                    Calendar shortcuts
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