It will be the usual panel type of format you have become accustomed to with This Week In Lotus, but this time there will be an audience! And the audience will be anyone who turns up.....which means you could be there!

On the panel will the luminaries from around the Lotus world including Paul (the quiz master) Mooney, Bruce (the social maven) Elgort, Mary Beth (blogger of the year) Raven, Sharon (I'm on TWIL more than Darren) Bellamy, the lovely Kat (she really is a social IBMer) Mandelstein and of course Stuart and myself. So come on along, there will be prizes (lots of them) and maybe a chance to ask a question if you're able to to get to a microphone ;)

We'll see you at the Swan Pelican room at 5:45 pm (although I'm sure we'll be there are few minutes early).

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