July 10 2009 Friday

Well that year flew by

Wow, 12 months! Really? A year of blogging goes by fast in the Yellow Verse/Yellow Bubble/Yellow Submarine.

149 posts in total, some popular, some not. Hopefully some found this useful, but even if not, it makes me think twice about what I consider obvious or oblivious.

This last year was a big one:
  • Domino 8.5 released, and it is no secret I love DAOS and ID Vault
  • Quickr 8.2 released, and it really is "quicker"
  • Lots of DAOS real-world, real customer results
  • Lots of certifications have been had
  • 1st ever trip to LS (yes, that is true....been doing this since 1996 and 2009 was the first visit)
  • Presented at BlackBerry DevCon
  • Kicked off the first in a series of customer proof of technologies (PoT) with IBM in Atlanta...watch for more on this (thanks Larry!)
  • Doubled the size of the company (STS)
  • Increased sales by 900% (thanks to Lisa and Ernie).....Inc 500 anyone?
  • 8.5.1 beta released....and yes it is everything you have read elsewhere
  • Linked by the one-and-only Ed Brill, aka the Yellow Verse's version of being Slash Dot'd

The next 12 months will be just as successful and will begin in short order with my US citizenship exam later this month. Without going to Wikipeidia how many voting US Representatives are there? Oh, and no, it is not like 90's classic Green Card but more like The Terminal ;)
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