A long time ago, before IBM came down like a hammer, there was a podcast. We really enjoyed doing This Week In Lotus, but it became a bit untenable as IBM threatened all kinds of stuff (including revoking *my* Champion status.....) so we stopped. But IBM kept doing "WTF?" kinds of things.....canceling 9.0.2, going to fix packs only, spreading Java 8 out over a year (from now). After getting together at MWLUG, Stuart and I started to reminisce and we started thinking about saddling up again.

So we did.....

Image:WTF? A new podcast? If you liked This Week In Lotus, you should (at least) like ’WTF Tech’

Except this time there are some notable changes:
  • New name, WTF Tech,
  • There are three hosts now. As noted in the last ever TWIL, Jesse Gallagher joins the team. He's funny so he offsets Stu, and he's knowledgeable so he offsets me.
  • Focus has moved from IBM. I would not say IBM are irrelevant (yet, in fact Episode 001's title comes for IBM), but we've expanded out reach.  No one is safe.
  • There will be no guests. So no more shitty audio from guests who never RTFM and had no headphones.
  • It will not be weekly. We're thinking every two weeks, but some weeks will be barren and others (like this last week) will be a perfect storm.

There will be tips, so don't worry. And snark. No point doing it if there wasn't snark.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to http://wtftech.fm/ and join the fun, and be sure to follow @wtf_tech on Twitter.

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1 - Craig Wiseman    https://www.Wiseman.La/cpw    10/31/2016 3:44:21 PM


You should call it "weekly" and do it monthly, thus showing the IBM roots.