December 18 2018 Tuesday

2018 Snark Review

The annual tradition continues. Sorry about that.

Firefox started at 57 and ended at 64.

Chrome started at 63 and ended at 71.

IE is still 11.

Edge is still claiming to be good and so, so secure.

Speaking of Edge it is so good and so, so secure that Microsoft are apparently switching to Chromium as it's underlying browser engine. One has to assume this switch is not related to goodness nor security, because then Microsoft would have been lying to everyone.

Firefox Quantum is still my browser of choice. Google simply cannot be trusted.

Cut the cable. Dumped DirecTV for DirecTV NOW. Saved a fair bit too. I use Roku 4K's and they do a very good job of upscaling the DirecTV NOW 1080p  picture to 4K. Very good indeed.

My iPhone X can make me into a unicorn. There are several meanings on the internet for "unicorn" and I want to make it clear I mean a literal, real-life (hum...) "unicorn".

There was a Domino 10.

There was not a Domino 9.0.2.

IBM (just) clarified the HCL position. IBM have moved from the "we're not selling anything to HCL" to "we're literally selling everything to HCL". Somewhat surprisingly this seemed to come somewhat as a surprise to both companies.

There was a Domino 10.

My 0.29 bitcoin is not likely to be worth $5M in 2 more years. It's now worth $1,007. Down $4,000 on the year. My pump and dump scheme I that I hoped last years snark review should have caused didn't come to fruition. Either I need more readers or slightly less intelligent readers. Or both.

HCL? Kinda weird right? It's less weird than last year, but weird nonetheless.

I think we need to admit the new podcast is not a podcast anymore and is no longer a going concern.

The world woke up to the fact that Facebook is not a nice company. This is you occasional reminder that Facebook was originally built to rank college girls attractiveness. So yes, Zuckerberg being an evil genius who cares about nothing and has the psychological makeup of a Trump should come as a complete surprise to aforementioned  world.

If you're into Domino and you signed up for Think 19 (I'm presuming this is a thing still) you may want a refund.

There was a Domino 10.

Domino 10.0.1 was just released. Literally while I was writing this review.

There is going to be a Domino 11. You can tell as there are going to be "Jams" around this. And what happens in a "Jam" always makes it into a the product. An "IdeaJam" if you will.

MWLUG needs to be Philadelphia  Firstly, so I can visit it there on a business trip. Secondly, it may make me learn how to spell Philadelphia.

The winner of the "you keep f#$*ing up" award goes to Microsoft for their impressive lack of QA around Windows 10 updates.  

An honorable mention also goes to Microsoft for the sheer size of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 updates and the time they take to install.

Another honorable mention goes to Microsoft for Office 2019. It adds SVG and LaTeX support. Very mid 90's and mid 00's, More Office 97 than 2019.

There is also a TEXTJOIN function in Excel 2019.  Am I to presume this joins text? In Excel? After all these years of Googling how to CONCAT?

IBM sold a boat load of stuff to HCL. Did I say that already?

Software/Hardware that made 2018 Roku 4K, DirecTV Now, Greenshot and LibraESVA.
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1 - Craig Wiseman       12/18/2018 1:12:02 PM

Nice points.

My .3 bitcoin is worth more than your .29 bitcoin. Also, lost more yours lost. I am tired of that winningness.

Roku 4k is awesome.

I'm waiting for them to ArkLaTex support to Office.