These are made up by me and are in no particular order, although IBM may have outdone themselves with 8.5.3 there are still some things I had hoped to see that didn't make it in.
1.        Domino support for Lotus Protector for Mail Security (LPMS) ICAP hand-offs for attachment scanning when sending internal email.
2.        LPMS iNotes user interface similar to Lotus Notes integration.
3.        iCal feeds support in iNotes (although admittedly GoogleCal is there).
4.        Quickr Connector support on the day of release
5.        Journal sync via the replicator task (like Contacts)
6.        Journal sync via Traveler to iOS and Android OSes.

I've probably missed a ton, and if I have a quick trip over to IdeaJam will provide some more. Many more.
Darren Duke   |   October 5 2011 02:25:26 PM   |    8.5.4    |  
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1 - Mat Newman    10/05/2011 3:23:32 PM

Just one of the reasons that I like the Nokia E7 as a device and Symbian Anna as a platform. Traveler synched all of my PIM data - including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, TO-DO's and Journal - and allowed corporate lookup from day one.

Shame the platform is dead.

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2 - albert    10/05/2011 4:38:35 PM

Quickr connectors for Linux platform please!

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3 - Harald Gaerttner    10/06/2011 2:42:10 AM

If I recall Ed Brill's Blog correctly he stated that 8.5.3 is the last 8-release they do.

On the other hand after 8.5.2 they said that 8.5.3 will have only some minor changes and be focused on the developer client ;-)

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4 - Steve Pitcher    10/06/2011 8:40:25 AM

*cough* Sametime/Connections/Traveler support on IBM i.

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5 - Ed Brill    10/06/2011 11:40:54 AM

@3 I just posted a new blog entry on the roadmap...hope that clarifies things.

{ }

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6 - Bria    10/06/2011 3:58:15 PM users have been asking "How can I make my fonts bigger in the client?" since R5. Finally they add that functionality.

C'mon IBM/Lotus...As an Admin, I'm an avid supporter, but why so long for such a simple feature?

I loved the comment in the webinar today, along the lines of "We realize most of our users are baby-boomers and have declining eye-sight".....ya think? :)