December 3 2009 Thursday

And they say Notes is a memory hog

So I have 3GB RAM on my XP Lenovo ThinkPad T500. I had a fair few windows open as I have started my LS10 presentation. Every time I did something the computer was pretty slow. So I popped open task manager and found this:

Image:And they say Notes is a memory hog

Seems like Firefox and TweetDeck are almost as RAM hungry as Lotus Notes. And this with only 3 tabs open in Firefox.
Darren Duke   |   December 3 2009 12:11:31 PM   |    misc  musing    |  
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1 - Chris Miller    12/03/2009 1:22:44 PM

Watch and see which you have loaded and if the tabs have java on them which seems to slow it down again

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2 - Darren Duke    12/04/2009 6:50:57 AM

Well, I just found Mika's post and it is now SeaMonkey for me (no Hartlepool monkey quips, please!) to see if I like it. I will never, ever use Chrome as, well, all Google does is evil. I'd use Internet hole-splorer before I tell Google even more about myself. And now they have DNS too. When will people stop trusting the Walmart of IT?

Mika's goodbye firefox post.