September 12 2008 Friday

Basic R8 vs R7 or R6

Over at (or ldd or dev works) a post was made asking for business reasons to upgrade to R8 Basic over R7. This is what I came up with:

Display unprocessed (new) meetings. Shows meetings that have neither been accepted nor declined in your calendar
Real time spell check. Nuff-said.
New compression, gain 7-20% decrease in NSF sizes ( Free disk space!
Improved Out of Office functionality. Now OoO's can be sent immediately.
Message Recall.

The original post is here. Seems this is happening a lot, see Ed Brill's post here about the same topic.

Anyone have any more? Again, this is Basic.
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1 - Lisa Duke    09/15/2008 11:04:43 AM

Is there a real need for R8 basic now that 8.0.2 is out and less hardware-intensive?