At STS we have some Domino web services hosted on the same server as the BES is installed (yes, this is not a supported config, so don't try this at home). This is to push Domino apps out to the smartphones for custom developed BlackBerry MDS Runtime applications (we can do this for you too, see the contact us page on the STS site.

Unfortunately upgrading our 4.1.5 BES to 4.1.6 stopped them all working and the HTTP task would spit out this error:

Unable to initialize the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Now, this BES server is on VMWare, and like a good little BES Admin I took a snapshot before we upgraded. I reverted back and did a diff of all the config and ini files. I was able to see that BES 4.1.6 disables (yes, disables) the JVM in the Notes.ini when installed (actually, upgraded). Specifically, the
is added to the Notes.ini after upgrading:


Removing this has fixed the web services issues, but I have no idea what else it will break, so YMMV. Hopefully this is not the fix for the security hole in the attachment service.

Elsewhere on the wibbly wobbly web there is mention that a 4.1.6 upgrade nukes Lotus Traveler, but we don't use Traveler so I can't tell you if this fixes that too. But Lotus Traveler does use the Domino Servlet Engine, so my guess is that this fix will work. Try it at your own risk.
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1 - Chad DeMeyers    10/24/2008 7:54:32 PM

I'm not convinced that Sametime and BES on the same box is supported either. Anyway, I'm running Domino 8.0.2 and Sametime 8.0.1 on W2K3 Std. R2 32 Bit. Was running BES 4.1.5 and upgraded to 4.1.6... BES worked great but Sametime died for the same reasons listed above. I remmed out the ini line and presto... Sametime is back up and running. I will repost if I find problems with BES.

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2 - Chad DeMeyers    10/24/2008 8:23:10 PM

So far so good. Have not tested BES apps or MDS but regular mail delivery is fine.