April 20 2010 Tuesday

BES upgrade quick tip

While updating the internal STS BlackBerry Enterprise Server to 5.0.1 MR1, I got this really strange error message:
Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable

When attempting to install the MR1 update.

I looked high and low on the intar-webs not no avail. So after a few hours of swearing I suddenly thought that the issue may not be this installer. So I went to the BES logging folder and looked around. As BES has some insane log levels it is not unknown for me to delete everything in there every once in a while. Apparently I had deleted a folder in there named Installer. Once I recreated the Installer folder in the BES log folder MR1 installed.

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1 - RIM (channeled)    http://www.Wiseman.La/cpw    04/20/2010 7:21:36 AM

You have mucked with our folders and have been justly punished.

Go and sin no more.