On the down low RIM recently updated the Quickr client for BlackBerry to support QuickrD (the original release only supported QuickrJ). This requires an upgrade to the BlackBerry SNAP server to 1.1.0 and that you be running QuickrD 8.2 FP 9 or higher.

If you already have SNAP, then simply go back to the download email RIM sent you and re-download the installation file to get the new version. You have to uninstall the old SNAP first, so make sure to RTFM. Obviously there is also an updated handheld client to push out as well.

We been running it for a week or so at STS and I like it. There are a few niggles, like no ODT support and you can only connect to a single QuickrD server but it is usable and pretty fast if you need attachment access to QuickrD files while on the road.

For more info see the BlackBerry Social Networking Application Proxy Quickr page on the BlackBerry site.
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