A few years ago I wrote about how to subscribe to the daily IBM product update newsletter. A few days ago some one asked me if I still used this service. I thought I did, but on recollection I hadn't gotten an email from them in ages (or "yonks" for a more technical definition). At first I thought it was getting stuck in spam.....nope. Hummm. OK Let me log in a see....

I had no subscriptions listed. None. Nada. Ziltch. WTF?

So I started adding in my subscriptions again and realized that when IBM rename a product (Lotus Domino becomes IBM Domino) then it drops off the subscription list. Blahhhh! Now, with any normal company this would be a once in a blue moon occurrence, but with IBM, like an old lady with a HSN addiction, they can't seem to refrain from buying into the hype and pulling the trigger.
Voila, list rebuilt:

Image:Do you subscribe to the IBM daily product update newletter? Part deux - or why renaming your products sucks

So head on over the IBM my notifications site and add your subscriptions back in, then check it every 5 minutes or so because that seems to be the frequency of IBM product renames. (that last bit was a joke).
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1 - Todd Carpenter    http://www.embraer.com    04/10/2015 10:52:28 AM

Thanks Darren. All but two of mine had disappeared.

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2 - Ray Bilyk    http://www.thepridelands.com    04/10/2015 11:38:15 AM