I swear I voted for somewhere other than Atlanta.....no, really I did.

Anyway, even though it is technically called the Midwest User Group anyone can (and should) attend. So if you are in the Southeast you have no rational reason to not attend.

If you use any of the IBM collaboration technologies this a conference you should have on your schedule. "But Darren, I can't get $1,500 approved to attend a conference". That's fine. It's only $50. Yes Fifty. I didn't miss off a zero. So now what's your excuse? Unless they are sold out when you register you really don't have one (oh, and they do dell out, so register now). The conference is at the magnificent Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta and there is even a special hotel rate for MWLUG attendee so you even get this for a relative steal too.

If you read this far, you need to attend. Here's the link: http://www.mwlug.com/mwlug/mwlug2015.nsf/Home.xsp

(Oh, and hopefully Promnic will bring some of Catherine's cookies....that's reason enough to attend right there).
Darren Duke   |   May 7 2015 10:12:34 AM   |    mwlug    |  
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1 - Mark Roden    http://www.xomino.com    05/07/2015 10:42:00 AM

That all sounds great an all, but what is Darren going to do to entice us to attend?

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2 - Darren Duke       05/07/2015 10:53:25 AM

@1, I'm giving some consideration to the "World According to Darren Part Deux". No promises but there does seem to be a stirring in my snark loins.

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3 - Ray Bilyk    http://www.thepridelands.com    05/07/2015 1:39:16 PM

Who knows? Maybe a fermented beverage will be there as well...

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4 - Garrett Wolthuis       05/08/2015 8:11:29 AM

It looks like the hotel discount code isn't available for the night before (8/18). I think a lot of people will be showing up late then.

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5 - Lisa Duke    http://www.simplified-tech.com    05/14/2015 8:00:29 AM

Garrett, we have 3 extra bedrooms and would be happy to have you for the 18th (we'll be at the hotel ourselves the other nights). You can even bring two friends. :)

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6 - Nicki Faulk       05/18/2015 3:51:09 PM

Hey now, don't bash the location. I'm in Alabama, and all of the previous MWLUGs were too far for me to drive/attend on my own! So I'm actually very happy that it's only a 2- or 3-hour drive away this time. :)