While you won't see it anytime soon (my guess is October) you should be aware of some great features making it's way into this release. Again, this is in a 1/100th point release, so kudos for IBM for adding new features.

(As usual this is beta software and functionality covered in this post has no certitude of being included in the product)

This is no means an extensive list but these are the things currently floating my boat....
  • Ability to move server based full text indexes to another drive. This was asked at LS11 by a suave, sexy, sophisticated blogger/podcaster....aka me, so I am very happy to see this.
  • Machine specific policies. I asked for this somewhere (Ideajam maybe?) a long, long time ago. It is even more useful now with the advent of managed replicas
  • Purge Interval Replication Control (PRIC) - we've all seen it....old deleted documents replicated back into a database (like the DomDir) after the deletion stubs have expired. Here is the fix (I was asked for this just yesterday!)
  • Re: and Fwd: are now ignored when you sort by subject
  • New mail popup. Like Outlook does and the plug-in available on Greenhouse.
  • Complete control of color of unread email (I think this is in Notes, not sure about iNotes)
  • Multiple signatures. Yes. Multiple signatures.
  • Even better control of "Recent Contacts". This is actually starting to get useful
  • Sametime embedded is now 8.5.1
  • Symphony is now 3.0
  • A tool is provided to change a single user install to a multi-user install. I really like this. Could have saves some of my clients months on their roll outs.
  • Smart upgrade of Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • ID Vault works in Citrix XenApp

XPages and Domino Designer  related ones
  • Full text sorting
  • SCM is now sort of integrated
  • HTML 5 attributes added to XPages controls
  • XPages preload applications at server startup time (whooooo)
  • Code aggregation makes JS and CSS files much faster to load
  • Dojo 1.5.0
  • Much simpler i18n support

Traveler related
  • Traveler only wipe on iShiny devices (partial wipe)
  • Widgets for Android devices (calendar and mail)
  • Much improved Android instalaltion
  • Schedule, reschedule, cancel and modify on calendars on Android
  • "tap to dial" for phone numbers in Android calendar entries (my pet peeve is now fixed)
  • Group name lookup support

So there you have it. There is lot of useful, nice, handy and "must have" features coming in 8.5.3. Betcha can't wait right?
Darren Duke   |   June 9 2011 03:58:51 PM   |    8.5.3  domino  lotus notes    |  
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1 - Benjamin Chapman       06/09/2011 5:06:22 PM

Thanks for the sorted list. Love most of the new features coming.

Multiple signatures is fantastic!

Finally for upgrades of Sametime and Symphony embedded clients. Hopefully development will simplify the procedure of updating the integrated apps in the future *crosses fingers*

Tap to call for Android, but not iShiny? That's my pet peeve!

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2 - Bruce Elgort    http://elguji.com    06/09/2011 5:16:26 PM


Can you please find your idea on { http://ideajam.net and update it if in fact the feature is in 8.5.3? } and update it if in fact the feature is in 8.5.3?


Mr. iShiny

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3 - Trevor Laws       06/09/2011 5:29:40 PM

"ID Vault works in Citrix XenApp"

Does this mean it did not work with previous versions of 8.5?

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4 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    06/09/2011 5:30:34 PM

@3, maybe I should have said "supported" in place of "works" ;)

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5 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    06/09/2011 5:32:19 PM

Ed Brill stipulated 8.5.3 ETA was "end of next quarter" which would mean September-ish http://twitter.com/#!/edbrill/statuses/78934746087964672

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6 - Keith Brooks    http://blog.vanessabrooks.com    06/09/2011 9:44:11 PM

Multiple sigs and colors for unread were mine in Ideajam. Will get over there to change...once it is pushed out in final version.

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7 - Nathan T. Freeman    http://ntf.gbs.com    06/09/2011 11:05:39 PM

Darren, I'm delighted to see so many things you asked for are in this release. It's good to know that social channels are having such an effect on IBM's triage process.

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8 - Christer Eklundh       06/10/2011 2:04:20 AM

Is not the embedded Sametime client supposed to be Sametime 8.5.2??

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9 - Matt       06/14/2011 3:03:33 PM

Does this mean we will be able to get ftsearch() and/Or ?SearchView results sorted by a field value, column value, or something else?

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10 - Stijn Soens       12/21/2011 10:10:50 AM

We still had an issue with Notes 8.5.3 and ID Vault on Citrix. It doesn't support SMBv2: https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21429475. Support said it's likely to be addressed in 8.5.4 but for now, you'll need to use the workarounds.