Yesterday I was shocked by IBM again. This time in a good way :)

Mac Guidera posted the with the immediate availability of the 8.5 HF7 connectors x64 bit workstations can now enjoy full use. Added to that Office 2010 is now supported too! Oh, and they beat their own deadline! Way to to guys!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Quickr Connectors now support Microsoft Windows 64 bit and Office 2010. As promised at this year's Lotusphere, our development teams were hard at work on this one and I thank them for their great work and earlier than expected release. - Mac Guidera

Get them from IBM Fix Central (direct link). The build number of HF7  is

I don't say this enough so here goes....Thank you IBM!
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1 - Vittorio Foschi    06/14/2011 9:52:24 AM

WHEN !!!

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2 - James Stroud    09/30/2011 10:23:37 PM

I just downloaded and tested HF8 on my windows 7 64 bit. I tested with Windows Explorer, notes 8.5.2 FP3 and office 2010 (fully patched), check out, edit, and check-in worked fine. Here's the link to it

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FYI from the readme file the fixes in HF8

Key features of HF8

- Attachments with errors in cache do not show errors on- Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit Connector

- Compatibility mode problem working with “.pptx” files

- Error when adding document to Sametime Client Meeting Room from Quickr folder

- Lotus Notes doesn’t show warning when opening file from local cache (server side fix also needs to be installed.)

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3 - Ruaridh McDonald       11/01/2011 11:24:29 AM

Installed HF8 (IBM told us they were giving us HF9 but the About page shows it as HF8) and Notes 8.5.3 will not run on one PC the other we tried would not install the hotfix. The second PC sticks at the provisioning Notes components stage and will sit for an infinite period of time. Killing the notes2.exe process allows the installation to proceed but it hangs again at the sametime.exe process.

Having issues getting these uninstalled too.

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4 - Sean Ramsay    11/18/2011 10:23:36 AM

Had the exact same problem as Ruaridh - HF8 installation or uninstallation hangs on Notes provisioning - also had to manually kill notes2.exe. Quickr Connectors panel is definitively causing some instability for our Notes 8.5.x users as well. All in all, a brutal experience.

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5 - Tony McPhail       11/27/2011 11:01:48 PM

Having the same problem as @Ruaridh and @Sean with the install of the quickr widget in the 8.5.3 notes client on windows 7 sp1 64bit. Anyone get this resolved?

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6 - Darren Duke    11/28/2011 8:28:09 AM

@all with the HF8 issue....I haven't seen this issue yet. I've done a few so far with Win 7 Pro x64, Notes 8.5.3 and Connectors HF8. This was with Office 2010 32 bit with no Outlook, Sametime or Symphony connectors (ie, those were unchecked). Admittedly these were virgin Windows 7 installs from scratch.