I'm currently writing an article for the STS newsletter as to why 8.5 is a must have upgrade (it will be under the STS Articles when published and in the newsletter). I'm going to cover the most of the new stuff but started yesterday testing DAOS. This was too good to sit on for a few days.


If you thought the new 8.0.1 compression was good, wait until you install and configure this baby! How does 30-40% in savings in disk space sound? Pretty good I guess. Less disk space, faster backups, quicker indexing.....

Below are some preliminary results from a quick few tests:

Notes: All mail files are pre-opened (i.e., no view indexes). Domino 8.5 Beta 2 on Windows Server 2003 x64.
Single Mail file (not an excellent example)
Mail file NSF size at the OS level (MB) DAOS folder size at the OS level (MB) Total Size (MB)
Pre DAOS 101 0 101
Post DAOS 39 58 97
Difference -4%
Two mail files
Pre DAOS 1099 0 1099
Post DAOS 177 519 696
Difference -37%

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