Occasionally something upsets me enough to go to http://ideajam.net and add it to the list of wants/desires/etc for Lotus Notes, Domino and Quickr. Well it seems a long standing complaint has been addressed in the Notes R8.5 client. Attachments are now at the top of an email, not the bottom.

This particular little gem always comes up on an Exchange to Domino migration so one less thing to explain ;)

See my idea jam post/idea for further details.

Now, if only we could mimic the "drag an email from Outlook and have it on the desktop/file server/etc". (with attachments included too)

Incidentally there is a post out there about open sourcing Domino. I demoted it (and was not alone by the look of it) and if I get the inclination I will blog to my reasons as to why. In the meantime I did post a few comments in Ferdy's site and pointed out a free 20 client (or so) collaboration server for SMBs would be a pretty good thing to do. Well, it has been released. Just not by IBM.

While speaking of IdeaJam you should head over there and browse the list and "promote" the ones that interest you. Not sure of IBM are listening/watching but you never know.
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1 - Mary Beth Raven       01/02/2009 9:02:50 PM


I cannot guerantee anything, but we do have an official, approved requirements for "draggaing a mail message tothe desktop to save as a file" for Notes Next. i cannot primise it will actually make it in, but we ARE listening.

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2 - Michael       01/03/2009 1:57:23 AM

Where did you see that attachment will be put at the top of email ?

I don't see in in the reviewer's guide or anywhere.


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3 - Darren Duke       01/03/2009 5:47:40 AM

I haven't yet seen it. I'm basing this on Ed's post on the idea jam post. { post number 9. } post number 9.

I may try to fire up a VM with 8.5 B2 today to check.