So this is one of those posts it pains me to to find software that an STS and IBM customer paid good money for by they cannot find it on IBM Passport Advantage. There is only one reason that IBM PPA is hard to use and that is due to IBM taking relatively simple activities and complicating the heck out of them (heck was not the word I was going to use here, but as this will be sent to numerous STS customers it is a PG post.....).

So how do you find the actual server download? Simply follow these steps to find the English version:
1.        Log in, locate and go to the link "Software download & media access".
2.        Hit "I agree"
3.        Locate and click on "Download finder"
4.        Click "IBM Lotus Domino Collaboration Express", then "Continue"
5.        Select "English", then "Continue"
6.        Expand "IBM Lotus Domino Messaging and Collaboration Express 8.5.2 for Multiplatform English eAssembly(CRC6DEN)"
7.        Both Notes and Domino 8.5.2 are in there.

It is truly a shame that posts like this are necessary. A company such as IBM that touts itself as a social business company obviously has no idea what the term means. They are literally murdering any goodwill a customer had towards them by forcing this arcane and confusing interface on them.
Darren Duke   |   September 16 2011 08:28:26 AM   |    licensing  ppa    |  
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1 - Roy Rumaner       09/16/2011 10:16:50 AM

What is amazing is that after 15 years of complaints, IBM still has not fixed this.

This has been going on for as long as we have had to download software from the BP site and unless internal IBM people see a completely different site, they have got to know how bad it is.

They have so many tools to make this right and certainly enough employees that they could put a team together and have it fixed in a couple of weeks (okay maybe months knowing IBMs processes).

It is a joke that IBM lets has let this go on for so long except the joke is on all their partners and customers.

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2 - David Leedy    09/16/2011 10:36:13 AM

I would have to imagine that internal people do NOT use this site to get the software....

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3 - Olli K       09/19/2011 12:36:26 AM

I used to use google find passport advantage online-site, because I couldn't find it directly from IBM's page. Every time It takes at least 15 minutes to find, click-click-click and battle with dowload options and sites. Download director fails after downloading 99% and this happens multiple times. Ireland site didn't have same files available than US sites..

And after downloading files, you need to start it all over again, because fixes are available somewhere else. Navigating to fix central from PA online has always lead me to somewhere that looks more like handbook library than place to download fix packs from.

I couldn't make it that hard and crappy even if I'd try.