Basically this will hopefully prevent hackers, ne'er-do-wellers and/or relatives from resetting your passwords.

Apple instructions are available at

Google instructions are available at

There are also others available, like DropBox, AWS, etc and Life Hacker lists some others.....

While we are on about security, I use KeePass Password Safe, the free and open source password manager to create and store passwords. It will create a password like this:


(no, this is not one of mine.....I created it from a blank KeePass entry)

I then sync this via DropBox (the KeyPass datastore is encrypted, mine is AES 256) to my other computers and devices. Great stuff it is to.
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1 - Torben Volkmann    04/09/2013 5:09:00 PM

If you want to sync KeePass you don't need Dropbox. Keepass 2.x can do this on his own. Of course only on Windows devices ;-) But it's a start