That's right folks. STS and IBM Lotus are teaming up to create a Greenville, South Carolina Lotus Users Group, aka GLUG. With all the excitement around the Lotus brand, including but not limitied to Notes/Domino 8.5.1, Lotus Knows, Connections 2.5, etc, we thought is was high time we started spreading the word to areas that may have been "neglected" during the "Dark times".

"But Darren, how do I find this oasis of knowledge and excitement in SC?", well it will be held at the IBM Building in Greenville on October 22nd from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Oh, and I'll be presenting one session on Domino and VMware, so yes, I'll be in attendance. So if you are in the greater Greenville area, come on over and see what's what, and who's who.

For more information and registration visit (IBM has kindly agreed to provide lunch, so we need numbers).

(maybe we need one in Charleston or Chattanooga so we can have one called "CHUG")
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1 - Chris Miller    10/06/2009 2:27:09 PM

I have a few items from IamLUG you could use to jumpstart the local usergroup. Send me a note. You can also get a full free Quickr site for the user group with all the others at

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2 - Lisa Duke    10/06/2009 5:11:02 PM

I'm thinking a GLUG vs. CHUG competitive happy hour event is in the future....

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3 - Jim Casale    10/06/2009 7:10:16 PM

I would love to stop by and help out but can't make it there from Aiken that early. Any chance you can have later meetings - say maybe 5 or 6 PM?

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4 - Darren Duke    10/08/2009 10:42:22 AM

The date is locked and loaded. There is some back end work with IBM to get the times and dates.

This will be a quarterly LUG so we can see about moving the time if that would help more that it would hurt.

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5 - Mark Roosevelt, VP Sales, PRominic.NET    http://Prominic.NET    10/22/2009 5:03:05 PM

Get a domain and give me a call about hosting the site. Certainly would be ideal, but, alas, it is taken. Perhaps